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December 1, 2010
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Commission Mistress Supergirl by darkthewise Commission Mistress Supergirl by darkthewise
Hello everyone ^_^

Here is a new Commission from :iconaccel555: who wanted the Commision to based on his story " [link] <-- there and is basically about an Overlord ([link] from the games) discovering a dimensional mirror and travelling between the dimensional barriers and choosing certain ladies to become his consorts/mistresses. The first chosen was Supergirl. So, here's the thing.

One character, Supergirl. Her new attire is a one piece dress, black with a slit down one leg, let's say about three quarter. A belt around her waist that looks like circles joined together and a decent neckline, but nothing too much, high heels and bracers around her wrists. Pose: standing, straight at the camera with a piece of her old costume, specifically the symbol, in her hand looking like it's been torn off. Background: Medieval bedchamber like thing. Dark dank, maybe have a fire pit off to one side."

All Critiques are welcome and I enjoy the feedback. So if you wish to Critique anyone of my drawing feel free to do so ^_^

If you are interested in getting a Commission from me head over to my Commission Guidelines and read the instructions. The link is here: [link]

Please let me know what you think of the drawing. all comments are welcomed ^_^ or feel free to start replaying to each other comments or ever head over to my shoutbox that located on my main page ^_^

SuperGirl is Copyright to DC©™
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Very sexy, but one question comes to mind about the Overlord having Supergirl as his mistress. Does he even need anymore mistresses or even the minions for that matter? Aside from being weak against magic, Supergirl is still a powerhouse since there wouldn't be a lot of magical beings to stand against her. Maybe I'm just overthinking, but I won't let that get in the way of how sexy Supergirl is in a black dress.
Well If I remember the game this Commission was based off you have to decided on only one Mistress and that would help decide the defense and look of your castle. Also as a good overlord you don't put all your bases in one basket. That Overlord might be keeping her a secret weapon but I might also be over thinking things XD

Thank you ^_^
SuperGirl Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^_^ every girl has a black dress some just get force to wear them XD
I was gonna say she looked like the supergirl/kara from the superman/batman apocalypse dvd
(there's even a scene where she's wearing a dress sorta like that)
when I draw Supergirl I draw her in more of Michael Turner style. The dvd was based on the graphic novel collection of Superman/Batman Supergirl
Yeah, Awesome work, mate. Thanks!
No problem any time. ^_^
^_^ good to read ^_^
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